About Us

Our goal is the creation of a zero-waste, carbon-neutral economic framework built around sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and local production that supports a vibrant society in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana.

We work to promote a community based upon shared values, develop infrastructure, and help families and businesses relocate to Ravalli County.



BitterrootValley.org is a loose affiliation of individuals, businesses, and organizations that share a similar vision for the Bitterroot Valley.

The ideas and opinions on this site do not necessarily reflect those of any specific individual or organization.

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BitterrootValley.org receives funds and in-kind support from our partners in exchange for web links and referrals. Every partnership and referral is made in the best interest of our mission and clients.

Privacy Policy

personal data

BitterrootValley.org collects and maintains personal information about visitors who contact us. This data includes, but is not limited to, basic contact info such as name, email address, occupation, and city/state of residence.

All personal data collected and maintained by this website is available upon request.

Transfer of data

In order to best serve our clients, BitterrootValley.org reserves the right to transfer data to our partners. This is necessary to make effective referrals that are in best interest of our mission and clients.  

Data will never be transferred for any purpose other than referring clients to partner service providers with the capacity to meet the expressed needs of that particular client. 

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