Doing Business in the Bitterroot Valley


opportunity for all

Whether you are an innovative entrepreneur, a successful business owner looking to relocate, or someone who just wants to get back to the basics, the Bitterroot Valley is the place to do it.

Our goal is to help see businesses established here that honor the values of entrepreneurship and self-reliance upon which our community was founded.

Through a healthy mix of Old World craftsmanship and New World innovation, we are fostering a business environment that meets the needs of those who live here while providing an exceptional quality of life for all.

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Business opportunities in the bitterroot

The Hamilton Packing Company is a great opportunity for someone desiring a turnkey business with significant potential for growth.

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Fabulous downtown Hamilton location right off Main Street. Commercial space in high traffic area. Ideal for restaurant, office space, or other retail.

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Knowledge industries

Are you an intellectual property or biotech company looking to relocate your business? Want to maintain your effectiveness while maximizing your quality of life?

If Bozeman is the Silicon Valley of Montana, then Hamilton is Cambridge, Massachusetts. Boasting two world-class biomedical facilities in Rocky Mountain Lab and Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Hamilton is home to more PhDs per capita then just about any place in the world.

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other potential developments


Bread and baked goods in the Bitterroot Valley come from as far away as Portland, Oregon. We can grow wheat, why can't we bake bread?

Flour mill

One of the roadblocks between local wheat and baked goods is milling the grain.


Although the Bitterroot Valley is considered the banana belt of Montana, winter can be formidable. A pie made with locally canned preserves and hot from the oven can make it much more enjoyable.

cloud server

It's the 21st Century after all.

lumber mill

The city of Hamilton was founded around the milling timbers for the mines in Butte. For nearly a century, mills were a fixture in the Bitterroot Valley. Today there are really none to speak of. Let's change that.

bus service

While light rail would be better, a regular bus service between Hamilton and Missoula would be a great start.


Every year, thousands of hides leave the Bitterroot Valley to become value added leather. Why aren't we capturing that value ourselves?

There is no such thing as a lousy job - only lousy men who don’t care to do it.
— Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged