Energy from nature

The Bitterroot Valley does not want for energy. Wood for heat, natural gas infrastructure, and ample electricity from nearby dams provide plenty of cheap power from traditional sources. 

However, there is an opportunity to achieve energy autonomy in the Bitterroot Valley. By taking advantage of the available solar, hydro, and gravity resources, the potential exists for meeting local demand for power entirely from renewable sources.

Join us in transforming the Bitterroot Valley into a paradigm of energy self-reliance.



Potential for centralized and decentralized photovoltaic production from 1kw to 10kw. 




Micro generation in irrigation systems.




Potential for centralized and decentralized wind power production from 1kw to 100kw turbines. 


PUMPED storage

Dam Creek Lake near Skalkaho Pass is but one example of the many prime opportunities for deploying pumped storage systems in the Bitterroot Valley.