rich in resources

What sets the Bitterroot Valley apart from other places in the world is that it contains all the necessary elements of a comfortable and rewarding life.

The Bitterroot Valley is rich in the natural resources that are the essential building blocks of civilization - clean air & water, timber, rock, arable land. Everything society requires to sustain itself can be found close at hand. 



Logging and home building have long been a feature of life in the Bitterroot Valley. 

Surrounded by productive timberlands, the Bitterroot Valley produces much more timber than it requires. Through selective harvest and thoughtful forest management, residents of the Bitterroot Valley will enjoy the benefits of this sustainable resource for generations to come.

Just a sampling of the products the forest provides:

  • Logs and lumber for homebuilding
  • Posts and poles for fencing
  • Firewood

Log and timber frame construction is widely used. Some of the finest log homebuilders and craftspeople in the world call the Bitterroot Valley home.


Clean water

The Bitterroot Valley is a closed basin and a headwaters to the Clark Fork and Columbia rivers. Which means, there is no one upstream who can pollute the waters.

Two large reservoirs serve to store water through the summer months. 


arable land

With the bottomlands a rich alluvial plain, the Bitterroot Valley contains a large quantity of land suitable for orchards, grazing, and raising crops.


The Bitterroot valley

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