economic security

The Bitterroot Valley is an exceptional place to live. Its rural setting and bountiful natural resources endow it with a capacity for ensuring the economic security of those fortunate enough to live here. The definition of durable is "able to withstand", which perfectly describes the economic character of the Bitterroot.

Our mission is to establish a durable economy in the Bitterroot Valley that provides for the needs of its present citizens while safeguarding those of future generations.

Join us in realizing this goal.

Economic Health of the bitterroot valley

We believe the wellbeing of our community is measured by how well we establish and maintain:

  • Water and air quality

  • Energy autonomy

  • Locally produced food, shelter, and necessities

  • Adequate and up-to-date infrastructure

    • Water & sewer

    • Electricity production & transmission

    • Health & human services

    • Primary & post-graduate education

    • Transportation

    • Irrigation

    • Internet capacity

    • Open & public spaces


How will we achieve this? 

While our path can only be determined through consensus, our destination is clear. We desire to see a community able to meet its essential needs from within.

The real wealth. The annual produce of the land and the labor of the society.
— Adam Smith